The Difference Between A Chicco Rotating Hook On Chair And Chicco Caddy Hook On Chair

portable high chairInterestingly, Chicco keeps on adding new styles to the product of Portable High Chair. The innovative style is highly appreciated by the parents who want the product to appear varied. Now just look at the features of the Chicco 360 Hook On High chair. Needless to say, the parents would love this new idea of a seat rotating at 360 degree. The seat is the most important part of a Portable High Chair, wherein the baby is seated. To bring the flexibility of being able to rotate the seat 360 degrees is a really innovative and awesome feature of this Chicco Rotating Hook on chair.

The seat can be washed in a machine, making it completely germ free and clean. The seat can be rotated and there are 6 varied positions in which this seat can be locked. So the baby can be put in the seat and the parent has the flexibility of choosing from the various positions he wants the child to be , increasing the convenience of feeding the baby, and adding delight to the baby’s world.  The tray can be removed and spotlessly cleaned. The table clamps are made of rubber and they have the capacity to attach to the table which is thick up to 5.5 inches. The chair has a 3-point safety system. It has all the characteristics of being light weighted, foldable, and solves the purpose of feeding the baby while on travel.

The Chicco Caddy Hook on  chair is again a lightweight,  foldable compact easy to use, and space saving portable high  chair, having a padded seat which is capable of being removed and washed, having the 3-point safety system, and well suited for any kind of excursions along with babies.  The Chicco Travel Seat Hook on chair has very similar features to the Chicco Candy hook chair, except that the Chicco travel seat hook on has better modern designs, and better quality of the fabric utilized in the seats.

Thus when you are considering the option of buying a Portable High Chair, please make a study of the Chicco modern ranges and undoubtedly you will be able to choose the best.

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